Why you should invest in professional facials

I wanted to share with you this blog by Julie Raines the founder of Charlie Locks Professional Skin Care.

“Professional skin treatments are like oil changes for your car.  Do them regularly” 

I am always surprised that facials are still viewed as a luxury, or even worse vanity. This attitude doesn’t seem to apply to taking care of the hair, or nails.
Facials are neither a luxury (you only have to contact one of our mobile Charlie Locks facialists to disprove that) or vanity. Vanity? Why wouldn’t you take precious care of the most amazing piece of engineering that accounts for approximately 22 sq ft or 2 sq meters of your body and is going to represent you for a lifetime? Facials are simply good maintenance and sensible housekeeping.

 Your skin isn’t there to just make you look good or hold everything else in. It acts as  waterproofing and an insulating armour which protects your body against extreme temperatures, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. It releases antibacterial substances that prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D so calcium can be used to create healthy bones. A pretty awe inspiring organ wouldn’t you say?

The considerable benefits of a regular professional facial as part of your #HappySkinLife routine minimises breakouts and soften lines, aids the skin’s ability to shed, refines, tones and bestows a natural radiance that cannot be replicated at home. Your facialist will also teach you how to cleanse thoroughly and properly and give you qualified advice on your product and skin maintenance. There is no substitute for the creative massage skill of a professional facialist. Massage moves the blood and nutrients around the body, lifts skin over bone and creates a sense of wellness which supports and enhances your personal cleansing ritual.

It’s never too late to incorporate them into your routine!


Julie xx

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