What breast enhancement treatments are available on the market

I was determined to add a breast enhancement treatment into my offering to my clients as I know personally from experience how having smaller breasts can impact on your self esteem.


There are of course more guaranteed results out there that will give far bigger breasts and be more longer lasting than my treatment will give but these will come at a price, this I can tell from personal experience.


Both myself and a friend had breast enhancement surgery.  Our surgeon was amazing, very talented and did do a remarkable job results wise but despite this my first set of implants had to be removed and replaced in 2013, after developing capsular contracture, after 6 years.  The replacement had to be fully paid for as the issue was with my bodies reaction to the implant and not the implant itself.  What had happened is I had developed a cold and the bug/bacteria from the cold had managed to make its way in between the pocket that is formed around the implant by the tissue and the implant itself.  Initially one breast swelled a lot with fluid and then went very tight and hard (ball like).  The second set was far more painful than the first maybe because I had one set taken out.  So in 6 years I spent over £9000.


Of course when I went to see the surgeon for my initial consultation I was armed with my questions which included how often they have to be replaced as I had ten years in my mind.  I knew of the risks but was mostly told it rarely happens and I was told that the implants nowadays can last a lifetime.  Well the implant itself may do but will your body always react ok to it throughout your life?, then there is the PIP scandal.  I am really hoping that I never have to have them removed again as I really don’t want to go through the anaesthetic and the down time again.


I mentioned a friend also had hers done too.  Well she has also had to have hers removed but opted to not get them replaced after also developing capsular contracture.  So what turned out to be a rare occurrence apparently happened to both of us! and the funny thing is she looks so beautiful now with her natural breasts I don’t know why we didn’t see it before.


A search of google reveals creams, surgery, suction treatments (such as the one I offer) and now fat transfer which harvests fat from one part of the body usually the buttocks and injects it into the breasts.  This will also only increase by half to one full cup size (or so I have read) and because they harvest fat from one part of your body and transfer it to another you pay for two treatments, costs I have researched are showing to be around £4900.  For me personally I don’t think I would have opted for this but it is of course personal choice.


The photos I have on my page for this treatment are genuine results (using the breast treatment machine I have)  and can increase breasts by up to 2 sizes but obviously it is really dependent on individuals and their bodies as to the results you can expect.  It does however really need a course of 12 treatments for a really good and longer lasting result, followed by top ups.  But at a cost of £45 a treatment and £450 for 12 treatments with half price top ups it is a much more economic and cost effective option that could help you get the natural breasts you wanted and who knows you may even fall in love with your own breasts as my lovely friend has now done.


Really there is not much to lose in giving it a go.  If after 3 treatments you don’t think it is working for you then you just discontinue.  The before and after photos taken for you will show you visible results along the way.


For those ladies that have bigger boobs and would love to have them smaller.  Why not opt for the Shrinking Violet Wrap and ask for the booster which can help increase the inch loss.


Thank you for reading.  I hope to see you soon.














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